Sunday, July 26, 2009

Crescent Head

A pair of Osprey are raising two chicks in a nest on top of a Norfolk Island Pine in the Crescent Head Caravan Park, on the New South Wales mid-north coast.
Osprey nests are built up each year, sometimes for decades, from sticks, seaweed, branches and driftwood, and can weigh up to half a ton. The female incubates the eggs for around 35 days, depending on the male to feed her. Both birds then feed the young. The chicks take their first flight around 55 days after hatching.
Its specific habitat requirements have contributed to its decline in NSW, where it is officially listed as vulnerable.


  • Removal of large trees near the coast that could be used as nest sites.
  • Disturbances to water quality that increases turbidity in feeding areas.
  • Ingestion of fish containing discarded fishing tackle.
The locals were very proud of their Osprey, with many people pointing out the nest to me. Most though, thought it was a small Sea Eagle that couldn't fish properly - diving into the water, rather than snatching fish on the surface.

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  1. We are camping right below the nest. We love to watch them hunt and teach the youngens