Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pioneer Dairy Swamp

The Tuggerah Lakes Reserve is more commonly known as the Pioneer Dairy Swamp. It is predominantly cleared land that for a long time has been used for dairying. The Reserve has been the subject of much debate and negotiations amongst the past owners and their attempts to sell the site for development, community groups who have fought to save the site from development, and numerous Government departments who have been involved throughout the process, which lasted over several years.
The Electricity Commission acquired the property in 1986 as part of its plans to build a power station at Mardi. In 1989, the old manager’s house was leased to people who ran cattle on the site. The Mardi power station never eventuated, and the EC attempted to auction the site in1996, but the property was withdrawn 30 minutes before it was due to go to auction purportedly due to expressed environmental concerns regarding the sale. The property was again placed on the market in June 1999, however public protest resulted in a new committee being formed that lobbied the State Government for its preservation. The property’s sale was once again temporarily withdrawn pending a Supreme Court decision on an Aboriginal claim. Although this claim was rejected, pressure from the community and conservation groups stalled the sale for almost 12 months as they continued to lobby the State Government.
In 2000, the Reserve was finally gazetted as Crown land for environmental protection and public recreation, and is presently under the care of the Tuggerah Lakes Reserve Trust. It will be open to the public from the middle of 2012.

Walka Water Works


On a very grey day, Great Crested Grebe and Australasian Grebe were out with their young.

Murrays Beach


Even Laughing Kookaburras get involved in family arguments during the holiday season.

Munmorah Conservation Area


It wasn’t a pleasant day for a walk along the Munmorah, very hot, with strong dry winds. But I managed to get my first photo of a Needletail – flying high, into the sun, so a very poor photo, but a photo nonetheless.


Hunter Wetlands Centre


Cattle Egret


Intermediate Egret


Nankeen Night Heron


Great Egret

It’s egret breeding time at the Hunter Wetlands, Cattle Egret numbers are down on previous years but good to see large numbers of the Night Heron. They feed at night so can be hard to spot, but a pile driver on nearby road works put them up from their day-time roost.