Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Walka Waterworks

Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo
Little Corella


Red-rumped Parrot

Eastern Rosella

Rainbow Lorikeet

It was Psittacidae Day at the Walka Waterworks on Monday.

Waiting for Maureen I got some great photos of a Yellow-rumped Thornbill who picked a paralysis tick out of the grass just a metre from me. We then set out to walk around the lake hoping to find nesting grebes, or better yet grebes with babies on their backs. We saw all three grebes, but no babies, though the musk duckling almost made up for that. There were a few bush birds, but it was way too hot to pursue them. We encountered two snakes on the path, Maureen almost stepping on an Eastern Brown as she searched the treetops for rarities.

Back at the car park, we were re-hydrating when the parrots started to fly in. It was hard to know where to point the camera. The antics of the cockatoos and corellas won out though as they tried to land on precarious perches in an increasingly stiff wind.


  1. Great shot of the corella upside down.
    Did you see the Long-billed Corellas? They were there a week ago.
    top photos..

  2. No, no Long Billed that day. I see them more often on the central coast than around here.

  3. Marj, I saw two baby Aust. Grebes at the HWC after speaking to you on Sunday. They weren't riding but swimming around with the parent and harassing for food. Saw them on the other side of the pond near the picnic area.

  4. I saw the baby yesterday - but only one unfortunately. He was calling constantly swimming after his mum.