Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Broome Bird Observatory

Rainbow Bee-eaters

Black-breasted Buzzard

Our workshop is to start with a barbeque, introductions and bonding session on Monday evening, so Maureen and I booked onto the Lakes Tour. A ‘lakes tour’ might sound the perfect way to spend a 38C day – cool blue water, shady trees, green lawns rolling down to the water. The reality was a little different – mud fringed waterholes, sun-baked Spinifex crackling underfoot, massive Brahman bulls staking out the sparse shade, and birds lost in the shimmering heat haze on the horizon.

The tour gave us a full day on Roebuck plains station, which involved a range of habitat including tropical wetland, pindan woodland and grassland, and the microhabitats around natural waterholes and man-made bore dams.

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