Sunday, April 21, 2013


Spent a very enjoyable three nights / two days camped beside the Warrego River sandhills in Cunnamulla. Cunnamulla has three areas of developed walking tracks, the Sandhills, the River Walk, and the Heritage Trail. In addition the campground caretaker took Dusty and I with her on her early morning walks with Dexter the Border Collie, rambling along the tracks through the bush. It seems that anytime a Cunnamullan wants to go anywhere they cut a new road through the scrub.

My birding lens is playing up, so I'm seeing more birds than I am photographing. I'm telling myself that lots of people have very enjoyable holidays without taking any photos of birds, but it is frustrating. Luckily the landscape provides many photo opportunities.

Variegated Fairywren

Yellow-throated Miner

Black Kite

Warrego sunset

Emus with Brolgas in the background


  1. well I think your photos are fabulous! The Blue Bonnet is spectacular!

  2. Thanks! It works for a while and then won't focus, before coming good again.