Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lakes Beach

There are always large groups of Australian Raven foraging on the off-leash dog beach, but if I’d thought about it at all, I would have assumed they were collecting bits of organic matter that had come in on the tide.

This morning I picked up after Dusty, and then left the bright blue bag to be picked up when we re-traced our steps. On the way back to the car, however, there were bird footprints around the bag, it was torn open and the contents were gone. Who knew?


  1. G'day Marj,
    Yuk, no accounting for some bird's taste!? Supposed to be full of minerals or something, I think. Glen walks dogs on the golf course here and they frequently indulge on the duck poo left on the greens some mornings. Loved the Gannet shots - bigger wingspan than I recall from naked eye observations.

  2. Recycling taken to the limit! It was good to have the gannets so close, there have been albatross on the horizon after a couple of days of wind from the south east.