Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Galgabba Point

Easter means different things to different people. After ten years at Catholic boarding school I now rarely attend religious ceremonies. The Bathurst motorcycle races are no more. The Byron Bay Blues Fest now has too little blues and too many intoxicated young people. My taste in confectionary runs to a tiny amount of very good, very dark chocolate. But Easter is still a significant occasion. It is when the honeyeaters return to Galgabba Point.
A level track wanders between Lake Macquarie and the Pacific Highway to the end of the point, and returns. The vegetation is primarily Eucalypt, Melalueca, Casaurina, Cabbage Tree palms and Mangroves. It is a significant bushland remnant, home to many threatened plant species and to the Regent Honeyeater, Swift Parrot and Squirrel Glider. It is an important staging point or winter residence for migrating honeyeaters, who begin to arrive around Easter each year.


Scarlet Honeyeater


  1. Yes, my easters have changed as well!! Thanks for the great pictures. Sounds like we Victorians are waiting till next summer to maybe catch a glimpse of these guys!

  2. G'day Marj,
    Love your Easter philosophy! Your shots of the scarlets aint too bad either.