Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dear Santa

I’ll leave out a single malt and the good cheese biscuits. In return I’d like:

Complete_Bird_Designs_R2 The Complete Guide to Finding the Birds of Australia  Richard & Sarah Thomas, Alan McBride, David Andrew (2nd Edition 2011) Birding sites for all of Australia’s endemic birds and regular migrants such as seabirds and waders, Australian Island Territories, logistics, Bird Finder Guide including supplementary information on where to find rarities.

10_bird_aust_intl Birding Australia Australian Edition Lloyd Nielsen (2010) A comprehensive directory for birders lists good birding areas, key species, best time to visit, suggested itineraries, Australian Island Territories, regional maps, birding tours and guides (including pelagic), local contacts, birding clubs, accommodation, climate, travel, driving in the outback, relevant websites, plus essential health and safety tips.

cd_garden_wing A Garden on the Wing Lloyd Nielsen & Garry Sankowsky A CD-Rom giving information on attracting birds and butterflies to the Australian garden. Flowering and fruiting plants for birds; selecting suitable land; changing an existing garden; making artificial nesting sites and feeders for birds, plus much more.

birdwatching-trivia-game The Great North American Bird Watching Trivia Game topics include habitats, mannerisms, field marks, diets, nomenclature, and more, across three levels of difficulty.

Iflyer An Australian version of the iFlyer BirdSong Scanning Wand Press a button, scan a barcode, and iFlyer plays a high-quality digital recording of a bird's song.

 about_us_cockies A Will Wilson birdbath - Willie Wildlife Sculptures Ocean Grove, Victoria

birdcam Wingscapes BirdCam Motion-activated, digital wildlife camera The BirdCam 2.0 takes 8-megapixel, high-resolution photos and videos of backyard birds.  In addition to the motion-sensitive mode, the BirdCam 2.0 can also take digital photos or videos at a specific time interval. It has a flash for night time images as well.

bird nerd cap Bird Nerd cap in brushed cotton from Cafe Press

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