Sunday, August 1, 2010

Galgabba Point


Crested Shriketit

Maureen and I haven’t managed to catch up since I got back, so today with the sun shining we decided to walk at Galgabba point, and then have lunch to celebrate our birthdays.

As soon as we arrived we say this wonderful Shriketit. He wouldn’t come over to the sunny side of the path but in all other respects he was a perfect model, striking a number of different poses and talking all the while. They must be close to breeding, but we only saw that one, and didn’t manage to catch him in the attempt to attract a female to the chosen nest site with quivering and waving wings.

426_1429_1  Spotted Pardalote

The Spotted pardalotes were exhibiting some breeding behaviour, however. Usually these tiny birds are at the very tops of tall eucalypts, and you can just glimpse movement as you hear their chirps. However they nest in a chamber at the end of narrow tunnel excavated in an earth bank, so at this time of year you have a chance to see them closer to eye level. These two were chasing each other through the bracken and shrubby wattle.

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