Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dalhousie Springs

Our lunchtime stop on the way to Purni Bore was Dalhousie Springs, an oasis in the centre of Witjira National Park. Comprising a group of about 80 mound springs, with one of the larger springs minimally developed as a swimming hole, it is a great spot to experience the reputed health benefits of the warm mineral waters. While the middle of the day was too hot to really appreciate a warm swim, the area was a gathering place for both bush and waterbirds.

Though the red sand dunes were seemingly endless the national park also contains salt lakes, tracts of spinifex and gidgee woodland and, wherever moisture collected, stunning and unexpected bursts of colourful wildflowers. At the springs, natural and planted native trees and shrubs along with the date palms gave an oasis feel, and clean modern facilities provided a touch of luxury. This was a popular camping spot, with many people visiting the springs who were not continuing to cross the Simpson.

Bird list:

Rainbow Bee-eater (Pictured above)
Australian Grebe
Variegated Fairywren
Grey Fantail (Pictured above)
Welcome Swallow
Zebra Finch

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