Monday, October 11, 2010

Roebuck Bay

The workshop came to a close with a critique session where we all contributed three images from the workshop, and discussed them. The three that I put forward were the two sharp-tailed sandpiper taken while lying on my stomach, the massed flock coming into land, and this grey-tailed tattler displaced from his rock by the incoming tide.
Grey-tailed tattler_4521_1
Photo tips from Craig Ingram, our instructor.
  • Use a tripod, to maximise sharpness.
  • Use aperture priority mode, to give maximum shutter speed for the situation.
  • Use AI servo mode, to keep a moving subject in focus.
  • Expose to the right of the histogram, to maximise quality.
  • Use auto white balance and adjust in post-processing.
  • Remember that the quality of the light is the life blood of the image.
  • The frame boundaries are the primary tool in composition, be decisive about what is in and what is out.

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