Saturday, June 26, 2010

Victoria Park, Costa Mesa

Western Bluebird

Victoria Park is a pocket sized park above the Santa Anna River, it has facilities, benches annd shade trees as well as a broad view of the nature reserves along the river, so is a popular starting point for bike rides or runs along the riverside tracks. It also has car parking alongside and a short circular path around the perimeter - perfect for Winston who is ready to nap after one circuit.

There were two nest boxes hanging from the trees in the park, with young in one almost ready to leave the nest. Western Bluebirds have been found to enjoy more success with nest boxes than in natural cavities. They started egg laying earlier, had higher nesting success, lower predation rates, and fledged more young in boxes than in cavities.

A number of large flowering trees attracted hummingbirds and a hooded oriole, but they were too high in the canopy for successful photos. A black phoebe flittered around the picnic tables - reminiscent of the willie wagtails back home.

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