Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hunter Bird Observers Club

Australasian Grass-owl, originally uploaded by Collaertsbrothers.

Last night at the Hunter Bird Observers Club meeting Adam Blundell reported on his research into Grass Owls in the Hunter.

A very interesting presentation, not least because he raised a conservation conundrum. In the 1970s Hexham Swamp was drained and eight floodgates installed to end the tidal flow. In the period since, the vegetation has changed from mangroves and saltmarsh to reedswamp and grassland. The current Hexham Swamp rehabilitation project will restore the tidal flow, and hopefully bring back the migratory waders - but it will mean the end of the Grass Owls.


  1. Looking at the picture here and then that of the Barn Owl I photographed just before last night's HBOC meeting, it is amazing how similar they actually look. Definitely the long legs are a giveaway aren't they. Oh and I missed hitting a Barnie by millimeters in my car on the way home. A full night of Owls for me.

  2. My thoughts are that the photo in this article is of a Barn Owl. Legs are too short and spots on the wings are representative of Barn Owls. Could be wrong but have been watching Owls in my area for some time.

    Cheers, Ian