Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Micalong Creek

A number of pairs of Leaden Flycatchers were nesting in the eucalypts at Micalong Creek. We were evacuated from the campground in the face of a"catastrophic" risk of bushfires, so did not get back as planned when the light was better. The nest is tiny, a shallow egg-cup of bark and grass, bound with spider webs and camouflaged with pieces of leaves and lichen. Both male and female incubate the eggs and feed the young.


  1. I didn't spot the nest, well done! I am pleased to hear you thought they were Leaden 'cos that's what I thought. I'm pretty certain I spent some time shooting the same bird (the female anyway).
    We spent the "catastrophic" Tuesday in Canberra but staying in the leased cabins at Swinging Bridge meant we weren't subject to the closure of reserves and able to return (and enjoy some gorgeous days sorry)!

  2. We were sent to Billy Grace, a "safer area", so apart from having to set up and pull down camp too often over 24 hrs, we did well. Most campers headed home so we had the river to ourselves.

    Funny story - these were two nests almost side by side. I was commenting on the male on the nest, and Maureen swore there were two babies. I argued that there was no way it was a baby. It took way too long for us to figure out we were looking at different nests.