Thursday, December 22, 2011

Big Lagoon, Bruny Island




Pulling into a parking area just before the airstrip, we walked down to the Big Lagoon, the first part of a track to Cape Queen Elizabeth. Grey Shrike Thrush were calling and dislodging insects from bark crevices, Grey Fantail were everywhere, lots of Yellow-rumped Thornbill, Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos flying overhead, and a Brush Bronzewing flushed from the edge of the track. Striated Pardalotes were high in the trees. A Flame Robin foraging and returning to a fence perch gave us regular, if distant photo opportunities. The high mesh fence was some metres behind a standard barbed-wire fence and inside the enclosure were half a dozen Emu – Emu are farmed in Tasmania.

Back at the carpark we met a group from the local Birdwatchers Club, they confirmed that the itinerary we’d drawn up was going to give us the best chance for good birding, and as the rain came down we shared the spot to find the Flame Robin.

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