Thursday, December 22, 2011

Adventure Bay


It was raining solidly as we skirted Adventure Bay, but we pulled over to check out the memorial at the spot where Captain Cook landed. Two Pacific Gulls were also pondering how different things might have been (the Dutch, French and Spanish also ‘discovered’ Australia). The garden across the road was a riot of cottage plants and New Holland Honeyeaters were taking advantage of the nectar on offer. Baby birds were demanding their share from the shrubs on the other side of the road.



As we watched the honeyeaters a group of parrots flew into the beach-side trees and pushing our way through the wet undergrowth we came across a group of feasting Green Rosellas. Not sure what the plant is, but it certainly occupied the Rosellas, and we were able to watch for some time and leave them still munching.


The sun came out so we made our way down to the beach, where a sign warned us of nesting Hooded Plovers. There were White-face Heron perched on an abandoned boat and European Starling pecking at flotsam. A fenced off area announced that that section of beach was reserved for the Hooded Plover, but either the plovers had not read the sign, or they didn’t appreciate the gesture.



Another heavy shower sent us to the nearby Bruny Island Berry Farm where we were able to while away the time working through the menu: berry coulis and fresh yoghurt, scones with home-made jam and cream, toasted focaccia filled with local smoked salmon and Tasmanian brie, and mixed berries in champagne jelly. Tasmanian Native Hens scratched around on the sodden lawn. A movement in a blackberry bush turned out to be an introduced Greenfinch.



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  1. Lovely! Have only been to Bruny Island once, but enjoyed the trip tremendously. I'll think of your posts as a second journey!