Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wyong Settlement Ponds

I’ve been doing some research into the birding hot spots on the Central Coast of NSW, and one source raved about the Wyong sewerage works. According to Sydney Birds and Where to Find Them the settlement ponds were covered with stilts, spoonbills, egrets, grebes, darters, dotterel and avocet, several species of duck including the musk duck, and eight species of raptor circling overhead.

However like most of the water bodies on the coast at the moment the area was almost devoid of birds. Two white-faced heron had the ponds to themselves as most of the waterbirds were taking advantage of the rain in the outback.

Fan-tailed cuckoo, spangled drongo, superb fairywren and white-browed scrubwren was seen or heard in the surrounding bush, and red and little wattlebirds, brown and yellow-faced honeyeaters were feeding on a trackside coral tree.

Only a birder would think a sewerage treatment plant a pleasant spot to spend a few hours, but it really was rather pretty.


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