Friday, April 9, 2010

Ocean Baths

I’m not much of a twitcher. I do have a tagging system for photos of new species, and occasionally remember to update my birding list on Facebook, but I don’t keep a list of birds seen. Occasionally in the past I’ve seen a Tweet reporting a new bird somewhere close by, but when I dash over the rarity has always departed for the distant hemisphere from which it has wandered, so I rarely follow up on the information nowdays. But today I‘d dropped a friend off in the East End of Newcastle and was driving home past the Ocean Baths where a Common or Brown Noddy has been spotted over the last couple of days, so I pulled into a parking space.

The Noddy was sitting on the rocks just behind the baths, visible as I walked along the pool deck. I snapped a few shots, and edged closer staying on the pool deck. A gull was snapping at it and it flew up, but came closer to me offering a profile view. The gull followed it and continued to harass it, and after a few minutes the Noddy flew off towards the rocks at the top of Nobby’s beach.

There were at least 25 Sooty Oystercatchers on the rocks, lots of Silver Gulls and Great Crested Terns, and good numbers of Ruddy Turnstones in breeding plumage.

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