Saturday, April 17, 2010

Myuna Bay

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The narrow stream is hot water from the powerhouse and where it meets the lake must be teeming with fish as there are always hordes of pelican, terns, gulls, and sea-eagles lining up for dinner. I saw a tern with a long length of rope twisted around its leg and back; I reported it to wildlife rescue and they were going to try to catch it.164_1

White-bellied Sea Eagle - juvenile


Superb Fairywren

Myuna Bay is a pleasant spot for a walk with a loop path that goes down by the lake and comes back through the bush. It was rather slow for bush birds today other than Eastern Yellow Robins, Fairywrens and Scrubwrens, but it can be a good spot for Dollarbirds, Cuckoos, and honeyeaters.

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  1. Eastern Yellow Robins, Fairywrens and Scrubwrens ? I'd give my right leg to see them .. Interesting post