Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Winton, Qld

Australian Bustard

Bladensburg National Park

There are a number of mapped and captioned self-drive routes out of Winton, and we took the Route of the River Gum south. With Dusty in the car we were unable to stop in the National Park but it was an interesting drive with mesas or Jump-ups interrupting the broad plains, and vegetation changing from Mitchell Grass to Spinifex, open woodlands of Bloodwood and Mulga, and Lancewood on the escarpments.

A group of Halls Babbler crossed the road in front of us, and at a creek crossing Cockateil flew up into the trees as we passed. Mixed groups of Woodswallow gathered near Mistake Creek. Emu, Brolga and Australian Bustard kept their distance from the road.




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  1. I've not managed to get this close to Bustard or Cockatiel .... yet!