Saturday, May 26, 2012

Soldiers Point


The Australian (or Nankeen) Kestrel is Australia's smallest falcon and probably the one most people are familiar with. It is often seen on roadside power lines or hovering above sports fields looking for mammals, insects and reptiles.  Once they have their prey in sight, they plunge head first toward the ground, pulling out of their dive at the last moment to strike with their feet.

Kestrels have specially adapted eyes which enable them to see ultra violet light.  This ability allows them to see scent and urine trails which are invisible to humans, and gives them the advantage when hunting to know where to expect to find their prey.



This bird was hovering off the side of the bluff at Soldiers Point. Fishermen had driven away all the shorebirds so I was headed home when I saw him from the carpark. Great to get shots from this point of view, rather than my usual belly shots.


  1. G'day Marj,
    Three great shots of a classic bird. Very enjoyable - thanks.

  2. Preciosa rapaz y preciosas fotos.Saludos

  3. Many thanks! I'm afraid I get caught up in a search for 'new' birds - it's great to have a reminder of how worthwhile it is to study our common birds a little more closely.