Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kooragang Island




When I need a little bird photography expedition to clear my head, but can’t take more than half an hour I tend to head for the Kestrel street on Kooragang Island. They didn’t disappoint this afternoon, with one of the pair sitting on the fence wire as I drove up, then flying down to catch a grasshopper over the roadway, and taking it back to a perch on a concrete post. The 50D played fair with focus actually locking on in Al Servo mode, so my images were even sharp. Very pleased with the outcome, I was almost content to go back to grading student papers.


  1. Awesome action shot Marj. Is Kestrel street the one that runs along the river from the boat ramp to the point?

  2. Yes, Greenleaf Road. The two Kestrel can be seen there most days.

  3. Great photos Marj. A good way to release stress as well.